A Journey Through IPC Conference

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Welcome to A Journey Through IPC Conference! Join us on 17.18. May 2023 at Mercure Bristol Grand Hotel in Bristol, where renowned speakers within infection prevention and control will come together to deliver an exciting and informative programme. This conference will cover a range of topics within infection prevention and control and is expected to attract upwards of 200 attendees across the two days.

Our clinicians, engineers and designers collaborated with ICU nurses to develop the innovative Flexi-Seal™ PROTECT PLUS Fecal Management System - a value-added system that is designed to optimize protection and minimize risk in fecal waste management allowing nurses to spend time on other priorities. Flexi-Seal™ FMS  is an indwelling fecal management catheter intended for use to manage fecal incontinence through the collection of liquid to semi-liquid stool and to provide access to administer medications. Fecal management systems (FMS) are designed to divert fecal waste to a collection bag away from the patient, thus reducing soiling, preventing the spread of infectious microorganisms and helping to preserve skin integrity1.

To learn more about Flexi-Seal FMS visit us at stand 19, where you'll meet Claudine Bamford and Trevor Allen. You can have a product demo and find more about our Flexi-Seal™ Protect Plus Fecal Management System and how it can help reduce the risk of spread of infection.

We're looking forward to welcoming you to the SWIPC Conference in Bristol!

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