Flexi-Seal™ PROTECT Fecal Management System (FMS) is an indwelling fecal management catheter intended for use to manage fecal incontinence through the collection of liquid to semi-liquid stool and to provide access to administer medications. Flexi-Seal™ PROTECT FMS features the PROTECT indicator, our unique over inflation warning system and a patented blue finger pocket for easy and accurate placement of the soft silicone retention balloon.

Flexi-Seal™ Protect Fecal Management System

REF* Pack Size
421630 1 kit/box
Flexi-Seal™ Protect FMS kit, incl. 1 bag

Flexi-Seal™ Collection Bag with Filter

REF* Pack Size
411102 10 bags/box
Flexi-Seal™ collection bag with filter

Flexi-Seal™ Privacy™ Collection Bag with APS Filter

REF* Pack Size
411108 10 bags/box
Flexi-Seal™ Privacy™ collection bag with APS filter

* Products may not be available in all countries. Please contact your regional ConvaTec sales representative for further information.

Flexi-Seal™ PROTECT Fill Protection (US ONLY)

Flexi-Seal™ PROTECT Patient Protection (US ONLY)

Flexi-Seal™ PROTECT Privacy & Odor Protection (US ONLY)

Flexi-Seal™ PROTECT Key Enhancements (US ONLY)

Flexi-Seal™ PROTECT Instruction for use video (US vers.)

Tip of the week (1): Patient assessment + rectal tone

Tip of the week (2): Label + expelling air + hooking up bag

Tip of the week (3): Patient position + catheter insertion

Tip of the week (4): Inflation + custom fit

Tip of the week (5): Positioning + Indicator line

Tip of the week (6): Sample Port

Tip of the week (7): Medication port + Rx steps

Tip of the week (8): Irrigation

Tip of the week (9): Maintenance

Tip of the week (10): Device Expulsion and Removal

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