Empowering Healthcare Education: Convatec Collaborates with AACN Houston Gulf Coast Chapter

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In a recent educational rendezvous, Convatec proudly partnered with the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) Houston Gulf Coast Chapter (HGCC) to bolster the knowledge and expertise of healthcare professionals. The event, held in the heart of Houston, USA, exemplified Convatec's unwavering commitment to supporting continuous education within the healthcare community.

Educational Focus: Optimizing Fecal Containment

At the forefront of this enlightening session was Kim Sisson, our esteemed Clinical Specialist RN MSN CCRN CPXP. With expertise that resonates in critical care, Kim delved into the intricacies of optimizing fecal containment, shedding light on practical approaches and evidence-based strategies. Throughout the session, nurses actively engaged with Kim, posing insightful questions that further enriched the learning experience. The collaborative spirit between our Clinical Specialist and the healthcare professionals present showcased the dynamic synergy fostered by such educational initiatives.

Continuously enhancing Flexi-Seal™ Fecal Management System, Convatec is dedicated to improving patient outcomes through ongoing innovation:

Territory Manager Spotlight: Haley Brown

Adding another layer of expertise, Territory Manager Haley Brown played a pivotal role in facilitating the event. Haley's dedication to fostering connections and promoting educational growth was palpable, contributing to the overall success of the meeting. The AACN Houston Gulf Coast Chapter, as a local arm of the AACN, has been a beacon of excellence in serving the Greater Houston Area since 1972. With a mission centered around education, community-building, and professional development, the chapter aligns seamlessly with Convatec's values.

Driving Positive Change in Healthcare

Together with AACN Houston Gulf Coast Chapter, Convatec is not only dedicated to providing excellent care but also committed to making sustainable changes within healthcare and championing patient safety. The event exemplified the harmonious blend of knowledge, experience, and shared dedication to advancing healthcare practices.

Stay tuned for more collaborative endeavors as Convatec continues its journey of empowerment through education.