Enhancing Patient Safety: Nurse Kim Sisson Guides Proper Bag Coupling with Flexi-Seal PROTECT PLUS FMS

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Welcome to our educational resource led by Nurse Kim Sisson, where she shares crucial insights on coupling the self-closing catheter to the upgraded PRIVACY™ collection bag with Flexi-Seal™ PROTECT PLUS Fecal Management System. This instructional guide ensures a seamless process while minimizing cross-contamination risks during bag changes.

Key Points:

  • 🌐 Reducing Contamination Risks: Understand the importance of the new self-closing catheter in mitigating cross-contamination.
  • 🔄 Quick Connect Features: Learn how to use the Quick Connect features for a fast and secure connection to the PRIVACY™ collection bag.
  • 📹 Step-by-Step Video: The correct orientation and coupling process in an informative video.
  • 🤲 Proper Handling Techniques: Nurse Kim explains the correct and incorrect ways to hold the collection bag during the coupling process.

Explore the content below and prioritize patient safety through proper bag coupling procedures.

Reducing Contamination Risks:

Flexi‐Seal™ PROTECT PLUS FMS contains a self-closing catheter and an upgraded PRIVACY™ collection bag. This has been specifically designed to minimize the risk of cross contaminating the hospital environment with potentially infectious liquid fecal matter during bag change.

Spillage or leakage can lead to spread of infection and an increased risk of cross contamination, including Clostridium difficile. Common complications of a C. difficile infection include dehydration, colitis, or severe diarrhea. While rare, further complications include serious intestinal conditions, sepsis, or even death.

Quick Connect Features:

The self‐closing catheter is specifically designed to reduce the risk of cross contamination1 and leakages during bag exchanges. Its Quick Connect features enable a fast connection to the PRIVACY™ collection bag:

Step-by-Step Video: 

Proper Handling Techniques:

How do I couple FMS bag to the new and self-closing quick connector of the catheter?

    • a. Follow the label shown on the catheter connector to couple the collection bag and catheter in a correct orientation.
    • b. Locate the two pins on the collection bag connector and align them to the two corresponding slots on the catheter connector.
    • c. Gently push the catheter connector into the bag connector and then twist clockwise to securely attach the collection bag to the connector at the end of the catheter.

Figure 1 Correct orientation for bag coupling

How do I hold the collection bag when coupling the bag to the self-closing quick connector of the catheter?

The correct way to hold the bag during the coupling to the self-closing quick connector of the catheter is shown below. For any questions, please refer to IFU.

Figure 2: Correct holding of the bag while coupling

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