Join Convatec at NTI 2024: Celebrating 50 Years of Nursing Excellence!

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Convatec is excited to announce our participation at the National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition (NTI) in the USA! Join us at booth 1637 as we showcase our innovative Flexi-Seal™ Fecal Management System and explore the dynamic world of critical care nursing.

The NTI experience is unparalleled, offering over 200 sessions and more than 35 CEs on-site covering a wide range of clinical and professional development topics. The NTI celebrates the 50th anniversary this year! For five decades, AACN has been a pioneer in critical and progressive care nursing education. At NTI, visionaries, educators, and practitioners come together to reshape themselves, their careers, and the world of nursing.

What to Expect:
  • Professional Growth: NTI covers every aspect of the nursing practice. Learn the latest on nearly 50 topics and hone your clinical and professional practice skills.
  • Inspiration: Super Sessions and other celebratory events offer the renewal you need to reconnect with your passion for nursing and inspire others back home.
  • Connection: Meaningful networking is a hallmark of every in-person NTI. With numerous opportunities to meet people, make friends, and exchange ideas during sessions, celebrations, and the Expo, you'll leave feeling reinvigorated and connected to a supportive nursing community.

At Convatec, our commitment to innovation in healthcare drives us to continuously improve patient care. Our clinicians, engineers, and designers collaborated with ICU nurses to develop the Flexi-Seal™ PROTECT PLUS Fecal Management System.

This value-added system is designed to optimize protection and minimize risk in fecal waste management1, allowing nurses to focus on other priorities. The Flexi-Seal™ FMS is an indwelling fecal management catheter intended for managing fecal incontinence by collecting liquid to semi-liquid stool and providing access to administer medications. Fecal management systems are crucial for diverting fecal waste away from patients, reducing soiling, preventing the spread of infectious microorganisms, and preserving skin integrity.

Join us at NTI to learn more about the Flexi-Seal™ Fecal Management System and discover how Convatec is shaping the future of patient care.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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